Local Restaurant & Marina


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Trip Location

27° 46′ 8.45136″ , – 82° 45′ 23.89585″  Treasure Island, FL

Notes & Observations

First, I worked with their preferred graphic designer to come up with a design for the Thanksgiving Dine-In Menu and the Thanksgiving To Go order form.

Second, I went on their OpenTable and adding tracking metrics to the URL to see how many people booked through our campaign and adding it to the simplistic landing pages I created for each campaign.

Next, I developed a plan for conversions. This included organic and paid social media campaigns, and email campaigns.

Finally, we launched. In just under 2 weeks of running this campaign, I received a call from management telling me to suspend it because they were at max capacity for both Dine In and To Go. Attached are the numbers attributed to each of the email as a part of this campaign. This does not include those who pre-ordered the Thanksgiving To Go packages.

By managing all aspects – social media (organic and paid), email campaigns, and website- and working closely with the owners and staff, we created an incredibly successful campaign and made a lot of families happy with a delicious dinner without the hassle of cooking or cleaning.