Private Client


Integrations & Automation with Google Workspace, Asana, and Make/Integromat

Trip Location

27° 46′ 8.45136″ , – 82° 45′ 23.89585″  St. Petersburg,  FL

Notes & Observations

This client’s team was using Asana as a Project Management system. At the end of the month, they would have to go through every client board individually and work with their book keeper to describe each task to invoice correctly. A labor intensive task the client would spend days on each month. 

I took on this project and completed the following:

  • On Asana, created cohesion across all boards to include the Project Category, Project quote, and Time the employee spends on the task. 
  • Created a shared doc between the book keeper and the business owner with sheets separated by client.
  • Integrated each Project Board/Client with their prospective tab on the spreadsheet.
  • Trained the team on the correct formatting for each task.

Now, when an employee completes a task, it automatically falls into the “To Be Invoiced” section of the project board on Asana, auto fills live under each tab in the spreadsheet, and the business owner can go in periodically and update the spreadsheet with what they want the bookkeeper to invoice for under each client.

This project significantly reduces labor hours, helps streamline communication on the team, and ensures nothing slips through the cracks with billing.