ECOAMERICA.ORG Custom Reporting Project

EcoAmerica’s mission is to build public support and political resolve for climate solutions.
To support their mission, they wanted to make informed decisions with their marketing campaigns by being able to analyze data at a glance.

The Course Charted

We met with the ecoAmerica team to see what they already had in place. Turns out, they had an old dashboard that was functioning on an outdated Google Analytics property, lacked vital information, and was not cohesive with their branding.

Step 1: Analyze

Step 2: Development

Step 3: Design

Step 4: Train & Review

STep 1: Analyze

First, we examined the data available on the outdated dashboard, identifying its shortcomings and recognizing the need for improvement.

We had a conversation about what information they wanted to include from their pre-existing dashboard, and what information they looked at to make informed decisions about their marketing campaigns. From here, we used our analytics expertise to develop a strategy of what information we were going to include on the new dashboard.

Step 2: Development

Then, we started development of a new dashboard. This involved not only addressing the deficiencies in the existing data but also incorporating additional data that had not been previously available, enhancing the comprehensiveness of the insights provided.


Finally, our focus shifted to aesthetics and brand coherence. We meticulously styled the new Looker Studio dashboard to ensure it seamlessly aligned with ecoAmerica’s brand, creating a cohesive and visually harmonious representation, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring that the dashboard not only functioned effectively but also reflected the client’s unique identity.


After the final touches were made, we arranged a call with the team to go over the dashboard’s functionality, training them how to use it. This session also allowed for any necessary adjustments or recommendations to be made.


With their new and improved customized reporting dashboards, EcoAmerica can now effortlessly monitor more than 45 distinct metrics at a glance. This empowers them to understand their data and formulate informed marketing campaigns based on these insights.