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About Us | RELI Marketing

About RELI

Beneath the surface.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide strategic marketing solutions to small businesses and marketing agencies focused on consumer psychology and data-driven decision-making to help your business succeed.

Hey, I'm Jae.

My journey started “behind the scenes” as an assistant at a local production company. I had the opportunity to work with big-name companies… And to be a part of the creativity and collaboration of the team, putting so much thought and energy into what boiled down to a 60-second commercial. It was the real deal — I was hooked.

It wasn’t long before I found my way into the other side of marketing; Social media management, event planning, digital advertising, and website development for small businesses.

Now, I get to do what I love every day — help other entrepreneurs along their journey. 

If you are a small business or a marketing agency that is looking for a reliable partner to help you along the journey, let’s chat.

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The Team
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The Process



First, we sit down together and see where you're at and where you want to go.



Next, we come up with a strategy based on our discussion.



Then, we execute. We raise the sails and follow the plans we set in place.



We look at the results and make adjustments to continue forward in our journey.

Why Reli?

Reliable. Current. Transparent. Caring.

A good strategy goes a long way. 

In today’s world, if you aren’t taking advantage of the digital landscape, you’re leaving money on the table. We help you raise awareness, build trust, and close sales.

Tailored marketing solutions focused on your consumer’s psychology and data-driven decision-making.

We don’t throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks… We specialize in creating marketing plans tailored to your business with a focus on your consumer’s psychology and analytics.

It’s easy. 

First, we learn more about you, your business, and your goals. Next, we conduct competitive research, market research, and consumer research. Then, we craft a custom marketing plan. Finally, we raise the sails and tweak the course if needed. 

RELI doesn’t require contracts for most projects – Clients typically like to journey with us long-term.

Technology has no boundaries…

Though we’re located in Fort Walton Beach / Destin Beach, Florida, that doesn’t stop us from partnering with businesses across the country (and across the globe!).

From Florida to Hawaii… Technology has no boundaries! 

Giving Back

Not only do we have a burning passion for helping small businesses, but also for saving our oceans. A portion of everything brought in is donated to One Ocean Diving and Research.